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What To Do With Those SEASONAL ITEMS??

Tara Darby

Last week we discussed getting your wardrobe season ready.

Your objective;  To remove unwanted / unnecessary clothing, shoes & accessories ready for the next season. 

This week, we asked "What do we do with those seasonal items?" 

You've gone through your closet and you have;

1. Donated your well loved items to your friends 

2. Dropped off the bag to the charity shop 

3. Sold or selling any #preloved luxury items or contacted us to do it for you 😉

Now what to do with last seasons items that you love??

Unfortunately I do not own a huge walk-in wardrobe with oodles of storage space! and if you do, you won’t be needing this next tip. 
For those of us who don't, read on...
Seasonal items take up a lot of necessary space in your wardrobe. Consider storing seasonal and bulky items in vacuum seal bags ( Ikea Australia & Kmart do great multi packs) and then stacking them on the top shelves of your wardrobe, or in another room/ cupboard in your home.

Not only do vacuum bags take up less space they are also great for keeping out dust and bugs #winning 

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