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When was the last time you sorted through your clothes???

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With the change of season upon us, it will soon be time to sort through your closet. You need 1 objective; remove unwanted / unnecessary clothing, shoes & accessories.

Step1️⃣Have 4 garbage bags ready to go; Keep➖Donate➖Sell➖Trash
Step2️⃣Pull everything out of your closet and place it on the bed🙀
Step3️⃣Start filling those bags💪🏻

If you haven’t worn something for more than 6 months, it’s time to;

A) Donate to your girlfriend who has had her eye on that item for ages! (🙋she’ll thank you)

B) Donate to one of the very worthy charities

C) Sell the item and make some 💰

D) Put it in the Trash!

Now go and get organised 💪🏻👊🏼

If you have Designer Fashion items you would like PreLoved Chic to sell on your behalf please contact us

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